Is there a mother daughter book club movie?
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The Daughter: A Novel


Hi my name is raelyn, I recently read your first mother daughter book club book and could not put it down, it’s 2:30 in the morning were I am and I just finished the first book. I wanted to know if there was a series so I looked it up online. I literally started crying with excitement when I found out there was. Where in Florida can I get book 1 – 5

dear Heather,
i absolutely love the series of the mother daughter book club….i would not know what i would do without them! if you ask my mom if i love them she would say that i absolutely love them and i need to get them the day they come out! i love these books and have read each and every on at least three times!! i read one of them in a week(sometimes even less!) and could not live without them!
i would love it so much if you could take them trough the rest of high school, college, getting married having kids and having a mother-daughter-granddaughter book club!!!! just like the Betsy-tacy books!!! if you want to make me the happiest girl in the world, you would do this for me! thank you so much for these books and is there really going to be a movie, i would watch it every nigt if there was!!! thanks, and keep writing!!!


The Mother Daughter Book Club book talk!

The Mother Daughter book club have a surprise picnic at the Orchard House. After having a tour of Louisa May Alcott's home, everybody eats and then sets up for a game of croquet. Jess's dog, Sugar, smells something and Jess sees Spice, her other dog that her mother took to New York with her. Jess sees her mother and runs to her. She tells Jess she quit her job on HeartBeats and says that her love of her family is greater than her love of acting and that she will work something else out. The book ends with the Delaney family hugging and everyone else watching happily.