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The Diary Of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View - Vol 1 Of 3

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I'm still working on my musical slideshow skills but I hope you all will enjoy the following tribute I made for Coty Bear, our 15 years young rescued Tanimbar cockatoo died 4 days after suffering from a mild stroke on September 18, 2014. Thank you for caring! Respectfully yours, Jes Führmann, author "The Diary of Pink Pearl, A Bird's Eye View” and "The Diary of Pink Pearl Continues: I'm Wide Awake and Born Again!" (First trilogy and quadrilogy of a three part series about a Moluccan cockatoo and the adventures of Pink Pearl’s Parrot Rescue.) Why did it take so long to save an endangered animal?) , You can also read brief trailers and view videos about my three part series at

I think the most incredible part about her trilogies have been the dates that coincide with the beginning and ending of each book. The first trilogy ending on what would have been my poor mother's 66th birthday on August 17, 2012. It was exhausting writing about Pearl's life and adventures. I wanted to take a break and relax. The second trilogy, "The Diary of Pink Pearl Continues: I'm Wide Awake and Born Again" began 2 days later and reached it's conclusion on October 31, 2012, when "HerStory" came full circle. The third trilogy, "The Diary of Pink Pearl: Kiss Kiss America!" commenced Thanksgiving Day, 2012 when Pearl "crashed" the Willett annual Thanksgiving dinner at Pacific Palisades Estates and good 'ol Uncle John "conveniently forgot" to inform Aunt Pat, a dog fan, that Pearly bird was to be a guest of honor! (Oops! Sorry, Aunt Pat! She was a big hit with the Horton's!) I concluded the 3rd trilogy yesterday, just in time to end the year 2012.


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