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  • hi i just love your recipes do you have the recipe for the fruitcakes you would share .Thanks Pat
  • This is a great recipe! It's like no other fruitcake that I've ever tasted. Everyone should try this! It's wonderful!
  • Pastry chef Roland Mesnier has updated the version of the fruitcake made at the White House for many years.

FRUIT CAKE Boxed -1 lb Regular Recipe Claxton Fruitcake

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The Fruitcake Project is a crowd-sourced baking project that reenvisions the most beloved (and despised) holiday delicacy: The Fruitcake. Proceeds benefit Happy Hounds Rescue and Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.

Between 1837 and 1901, fruitcake was extremely popular. A Victorian “Tea” would not have been complete without the addition of the fruitcake to the sweet and savory spread. Queen Victoria is said to have waited a year to eat a fruitcake she received for her birthday because she felt it showed restraint, moderation and good taste.


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This cake doesn't have the regular fruitcake staying power and should be eaten within a week. If you can't find the individually packaged candied citron, lemon and orange peel, use 1 lb 2 oz (560 g) candied mixed peel.