• The KOKO Show from the 1974 movie The Groove Tube
  • The Groove Tube, Cooking Show, 1974
  • The Groove Tube, The KOKO Show, 1974
  • The Groove Tube, The Evening News, 1974

The Groove Tube

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To sum up, while the The Groove Tubes 6L6GE is an excellent tube but more costly than its sonically-similar Svetlana tube, it is a good choice when you are looking for a tube that can be expected to have a longer life as well as being backed by its manufacturer. In this regard the 6L6GE is also less “risky” compared to perhaps buying New Old Stock tubes that may not be as they are advertised.

Here at we sell tubes from the original manufacturer whenever possible.

Groove Tubes is not a tube manufacturer. Neither, for that matter, do Fender (who now own the Groove Tubes name), Ruby Tubes and a host of other companies manufacture tubes. All of these companies simply re-label tubes from the same factories we buy from: the companies who actually build tubes, such as New Sensor (who make Electro- Harmonix, Sovtek, Svetlana, and re-issues of Mullard and Tung-Sol tubes), JJ Electronic, Shuguang, SED and a few other factories.

We believe in providing honest value for your money when purchasing tubes and letting you decide exactly which brand and type you would like to buy. This is the only way you can compare the different sounds of different tubes in your amp by knowing exactly what's in there.

Our power tubes are matched as closely as anyone in the tube industry and have the most accurate, bias-free operation of any tube numbering system, including Groove Tubes.

We hope you'll agree with us that it's better not to pay extra for "rebranded" tubes and that it alsomakes more sense to know exactly what tube you're buying.

If your amp currently has Groove Tubes in it and you have questions about replacing them, or about biasing your amp with non-Groove Tubes, ! Some of the common Groove Tubes part numbers are listed below with a cross reference to the original brand and part number to help you figure out what your Groove Tubes are.


The Groove Tube was the world's first ( and only

How can a movie that features the singing of Curtis Mayfield be bad?It can’t! The Groove Tube is a series of scatological black-out sketchesthat makes fun of anything from 2001 to the olympics. The highs, (Koko theclown, the easy lube recipe) outnumber the lows (an all too long "TheDealers"), but even the lows are funny. Best of all is Ken Shapiro’s manicdance down a busy Manhattan sidewalk.(That is Shapiro, not Nat King Colesinging Just You, Just Me).Definitely dated now, but at the time The Groove Tube wasirreverent,bold, shameless and hysterically funny. Ken Shapiro made this minor culthit, then 7 years later made the Christmas day opening bomb, ModernProblems(though I enjoyed it} and since then, unfortunately, nothing.(He couldpossibly be playing drums in a jazz group) The Groove Tube remains to meanunending burst of positive energy, a movie that 26 years after my initialviewing, still brings me real joy!