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Haunting at Foster Cabin

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The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe is set in a small town where Gabriel Ashe moves in with his family into his grandmother’s house after a fire burns down their previous house. The Ashe house has large woods in the back, which is where a lot of the story takes place and is centered around. Gabe meets Seth, a peculiar boy who lives on the opposite side of the woods during the summer, and the two play a made up game in which they are two “Robber Princes” and t

The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe is set in Slade, Massachusetts. Gabriel recently moved to his grandmother's house after a fire destroyed his home. He soon meets Seth, his neighbor who loves hanging out in the creepy woods playing an imaginary game--the fight between two valiant princes and the Hunter, a creature who eats children. At first it all seemed pretend--until mysterious and terrifying things start to happen. And of course, the shadowy figure with the glowing eyes standing at the edge of the woods is an even bigger mystery in itself. Now Gabe has to figure out what in the world is going on--before someone gets hurt.


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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl captures the scary masterfully, the tension rises gradually and you find yourself waiting for a ghost to pop up next to your bed to play some Monopoly.