• The Hidden Hollow Log Cabin stands
  • They hollowed the log to make a canoe
  • The Hollow Log of Balch Park is the naturally hollowed out log of a fallen Giant Sequoia tree
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The log was part of a 160-acre (65 ha) parcel of land that John J. Doyle in 1885 acquired, with plans to make the area into a resort to be called "Summer Home." He first used the log as a dwelling, and then as a fruit cellar for an apple orchard that he planted a few miles away. Doyle next had the rough end of the log sawed off in 1888 so that the rest of the log could be moved to a railroad siding and mounted on wheels to be used as a railroad dining car for a promotion tour to the eastern United States. However, the log was spared when measurements revealed that it was too large fit through the railroad tunnels on the planned journey. Ultimately Dole's Hollow Log became the center attraction for his Summer Home resort, which for a few years was a popular tourist destination. Doyle's fortunes waned in later years, and he sold his property, along with the log and surrounding grove, in 1906 to the Mt. Whitney Power Company. The land eventually passed to Allan and Janet Balch, who in 1930 donated the property to Tulare County for a park, so that the Hollow Log and nearby Giant Sequoia trees would be preserved for future generations.

The Hollow Log is about 75 feet (22.9 m) long with a diameter of 15 feet (4.6 m). It originally was longer, but the end of it in 1888 was sawed off. Although steel cables are bound around the log to prevent it from collapsing, it is still possible to walk and crawl all the way through it from one end to the other.


IC Wood log at the the San Diego Botanical Gardens, ..

I found this log in 2011. When my friend Mike asked me to create something for his wedding I had the opportunity to use it.

I created the Hollow Log Treasure Chest to hold the envelopes at the wedding party. Hope you enjoy the footage.