• Everything you need to build the Konstruktor DIY SLR is included in the kit. Film, however, is not.
  • Explore the Konstruktor’s full potential with these Lomographic tips!
  • The top Konstruktors with the coolest designs will be awarded with Piggy Points!

Lomography Konstruktor Do-It-Yourself 35mm Film SLR Camera Kit - Includes All Components for Construction


Other Lomography cameras like Holga and Diana come with these commonly-expected extras, but the absence from Konstruktor is odd, but not a major disappointment. Operating as a waist-level , the Konstruktor would benefit from a simple strap. Sure, that would’ve been nice, but loop a couple of strands of wire (preferably, barbed wire) through the camera’s eyelets and you’ll have a robust workable strap that won’t budge much.

It’s worth pointing out there that we tested the Konstruktor Super Kit, which includes the camera and Magnifying Chimney Hood, as well as the Close-Up Lens & Macro Lens kit. All three are also available individually. While I found the close-up and macro lenses to be nice additions to the kit, it’s really the magnifying hood for the viewfinder that I find to be indispensable.


Introducing the Konstruktor Super Kit

During my trip to Tokyo last week, I had the pleasure to meet with Naga-san, who has won our Konstruktor Customization Contest in Japan, by showcasing the ultimate Konstruktor modification that truly expands the Konstruktor's capability...