The audiobook version of The Langoliers is read by Willem Dafoe.
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  • (The Langoliers eat at the runway, and the plane takes off in the nick of time)
  • (The Langoliers face NC and Future NC)
  • The Langoliers: Totally not scaring after the age of 12.

Stephen King's The Langoliers


Dinah begins to hear a sinister, rattling sound that gets progressively louder until the others hear it too. The Langoliers from Toomey’s childhood stories – or perhaps mere creatures of the unknown – are coming, and the group soon finds out what happens to the past when the present is gone.

Time travel is very gritty and plausible in The Langoliers. Going freely back and forth in time in so many other films and stories begins to look silly when we see the past being devoured here.


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like an alien thespian from the Planet Ham. Plagued by ludicrous special effects and sunken with the dialogue of a technical training film, THE LANGOLIERS commits a cardinal sin against sci-fi; it makes it so thoroughly tiresome you don't even bother to question its premises; you just yearn for