• Title: The Last One (2008)
  • I'm the last one aliveOr ascend before my timeBetter I'm the last one aliveThan a soul denied
  • The last one to be kissed and caressed
  • Oh, I'm the last one to be loved!

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Episode Name: The Last One
Air Date:
May 6, 2004 (NBC)
Number Of Viewers:
52.46 million

The ratings had been declining since the beginning of the 6th season, and by the time they wrapped everything up at the end of their 8th season their finale wasn’t even among the 5 most-watched episodes of the final season. However, this deserves a serious asterisk because this is not technically the series finale. Scrubs had one more season, carrying over just a handful of the same cast members and even then at a far reduced screen time. The new setting was at a medical school, filled with new characters meant to eventually completely replace the outgoing ones. This quasi-spin-off lasted a mere 13 episodes on ABC, the last of which was watched by only 3.45 million viewers.


Totally Rant-dom #5 (The Last One)

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