• Source: The Mafia Handbook
  • He was the author of “The Mafia Handbook: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Mob ..
  • The Mafia Handbook by Douglas Le Vien, Juliet Papa
  • Complete the Penguin Mafia Handbook

The Mafia Handbook


These MILFs are coordinated, dedicated, and eager to be fucked until total pleasure! They'll use all the tricks in their mafia handbook to get your dick in their wet pussies!.

This text is taken mostly from both The Mafia Handbook by Douglas Le Vien, Jr. and Juliet Papa, Penguin Books 1993, and an article printed on 3-26-92 from the Los Angeles Times by John J. Goldman. So I'm too lazy to make up my own stuff. At least I admit it when I plagiarize. (Comments by original author, not R.A.)


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