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The Major and the Minor (Universal Cinema Classics)


Rogers and Wilder went to dinner to talk about The Major and the Minor, and Rogers paid special attention to the novice director. She Wilder “had the qualities to become a good director. He knew just how to order in the restaurant, but remembered to ask me what I liked. I felt that he would be strong, but that he would listen. He certainly understood how to pay attention to women.”

I loved The Major and the Minor because it was story, as if they knew my life. Mother and I often didn’t have enough money when we traveled, so I carried my stuffed doll named Freakus, which made me look younger, especially when I hugged it and talked with it, and then, at night, I could just use it as a pillow. Just like Sue-Sue, I often pretended I was younger than I was, so I could travel half-fare. I Sue-Sue!


Today’s fossil-of-a-film? 1942’s The Major and The Minor. Observe:

The Major and the Minor
Directed by Billy Wilder
Written by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder; suggested by a play by Edward Childs Carpenter; from a story by Fanny Kilbourne
Paramount Pictures
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