The Maze Runner hits theaters September 19th, 2014.
  • The Jubilee Maze, an octagonal near in the .
  • Simple concept, move the ball (your cursor) through the maze.
  • 1. Does The Maze Runner have more than one woman in it?
  • Other than that, though, The Maze Runner was a really interesting watch.

The Maze Runner

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In awe of their survival, the Council of Keepers nonetheless agrees it must judge Thomas for all the trouble and rule breaking he has brought them, and consider his punishment. Gally must leave the Council meeting after actively threatening to kill Thomas. The remaining Council decides Thomas can stay and that, after one day in the slammer, the Glader's jail, he should become a Runner and Minho will train him. Minho teaches Thomas what the Runners do in the Maze, especially map-making. He tells Thomas that all the Runners make maps for the section they are assigned to. They then study the Maps and try to figure something out. Thomas also discovers that he can talk to the girl telepathically, and finds out that her name is Teresa. She wakes up one day, and says that she triggered the Ending. The very same day, the skies turn gray and the Doors stop closing, thereby condemning the Gladers to the mercy of the Grievers. Gally shows up that night when the Grievers attack and says that the Grievers will only kill one person a night, then jumps on a Griever and is carried away. Thomas, Teresa, Minho and Newt then figure out that the Maze spells a code, and find out what the code is using the Maps of the different sections.

is both the most prolific contemporary author on mazes, and also one of the leading maze designers[]. His book (2006) contains examples and photographs of numerous methods of maze construction, several of which have been pioneered by Fisher; (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1990) contains a substantial history of the subject, whilst (Shire Publications, 2004) is a useful introduction to the subject.


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Taniin- Nick: A human monk that also joined the party in the Clearing of Rest. he was unarmed and was extremely acrobatic. He was about to use his agility to bound from enemy to enemy in combat. Also, he was skilled in negotiation. He began to venture out with the party, but decided he wanted to return to the maze.