d) What happens to John and Lorraine after the Pigman dies?
  • a) Who is the Pigman?
  • Zindel, P. (2005). The pigman. New York: Harper Trophy. ISBN: 0-06-075735-3.
  • (Zusammenfassung /Inhaltsangabe : THE PIGMAN)  " bei
  • The Pigman (AKA Mr Pignati) is a old lonely man that lives by him

The Pigman


This story is about two high school sophomores that come to terms with how their actions affect not only them, but the others that surround them after the death of the “The Pigman”.

this is why i think that the pigman is a good book that should be read be people that enjoy sad, and happy books. i would recomend this book to my freind ms. hughs! who seems to really like good mooks. this is why i think that the pigman was a good book


The Pigman's Legacy, By Paul Zindel: HarperCollins Children's Books

The Pigman 2.0 cover story, written by Editor Christian Berg, goes into great detail on the circumstances surrounding the accident, Quaca’s fight for his life and the numerous obstacles he has overcome – including severe nerve damage and significant vision loss.