• The Artemis Quartet
  • Julia Sun, violinist of the Haase Quartet
  • Karen Chisholm, cellist of the Haase Quartet
  • Holly Taylor, violist of the Haase Quartet

The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789


Then in September 1952 they played in Japan. There were the first quartet to arrive there after the war. The whole season was sold out in two hours. 3000 people were present at the first concert. There were staff to attend to their every need and cars to take them everywhere. One night they felt the need to get some exercise in Okayama. They were walking on a narrow road. Joe fell into a nine-foot ditch and broke his left wrist. They had it set at the US Military Hospital in . On return to the US they were told the wrist had been improperly set and it had to be broken and reset. Concerts were switched to trios and piano quartets. After months of hard work Joe resumed duties in , on January 12, 1953.

In 1950 the quartet went to Europe for the first time after the war. They agreed not to go to Germany, especially because Schneider had lost his mother and sister at . This tour, together with the continual demand in the US put heavy stress on Gorodetzky. He developed stage fright, sometimes demanding extra rehearsals of works they had already played.


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It also adds another string quartet to a city hat already boasts the Pro Arte, the Ancora, the Rhapsodie and the Oakwood Chamber Players. What a rich chamber music scene that is for a city of 250,000 in a county of 500,000!