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According to the 43-year-old 'Malhari' hitmaker, people's taste in music has changed drastically and that is the main reason hard rock is going out of scene globally.

“If rock music scene is going, that is global, because pace changes, people change, music of the youth really changes and defines what is current. It is the same thing in India as well,” Vishal said.

Vishal-Shekhar recently teamed up with the British pop rock boy-band, 'The Vamps' on a single 'Beliya', which is already a hit on YouTube. The collaboration has been initiated by Virgin EMI Records, UK and Bottomline Media.

The Vamps comprises lead vocalist Bradley Simpson, lead guitarist James McVey, bass guitarist Connor Ball and Tristan Evans on the drums.

Talking about their experience with The Vamps, Shekhar (37), said, “One of our friends introduced us to them, we heard their music and it was outstanding. We got a chance to figure out what we could do and how we could collaborate, so we made some compositions and sent it to them and then they sent us back something. So over the phone, back and forth we exchanged ideas. Then we decided to go to London and spent two days there in the studio and we thrashed it all out. It was great fun. Two different zones altogether and two different genres together. We got to do something with Indian grooves and a few sounds with flute.”

On punk and spontaneity: I think the reason punk rock went from New York to London to L.A. to San Francisco in such a short period — maybe a year and a half — was because it was time. Where rock and roll music had gone was kind of off base. It had gone wrong. That’s why everyone gravitated toward this new sound.


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