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  • Review of The Red Violin (1998), dir.
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The Red Violin

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We now discover that Morritz, Jackson's character, is an expert on classical instruments, and he's slowly pieced together that this red violin is The Legendary Red Violin, the one that music enthusiasts have been seeking for years.

Stylistically, Corigliano goes for a strong elegiac tone. Unlike Goldenthal, the composer does not rely on brass so much, selecting instead a more transparent orchestral texture, with an emphasis on strings. "Anna's theme" opens the CD with a plaintive theme sung by soprano, soon joined by Joshua Bell's solo violin. as unisson strings enter, the piece develops seguing into the "Main Title". Its reflective mood gains in intensity and the listener is quietly drawn into a musical tapestry of infinite power and delicacy. Following the violin's journey through centuries, Anna's theme is further developped, enhanced by varied and sometimes colorful orchstrations and motives, running the gamut from pseudo-baroque writing to gypsy cadenzas, to virtuoso cues displaying the full range of Joshua Bell's playing. The music also has a very organic quality: the main material springs from the simple, seductive child-like melody heard at the start of the album. A very strong idea indeed. The CD climaxes with "The Red Violin Chaconne", a 17 minutes virtuoso concert piece created by Corigliano whilst composing the actual film score. This lyrical and savage opus remains coherent with the rest of the score and makes for a very nice conclusion. This is superb and accessible music.


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)

Academy Award winning movie The Red Violin is a gripping thriller that spans more than three centuries of fast-paced intrigue, hope, deception and disaster. With a twisting plot that consistently surprises, The Red Violin darkly illuminates the tragic history of a violin maker's greatest creation. His final masterpiece, the infamous red violin, falls into a foreboding path of beguiling possession and unexpected death.