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  • The Roswell Report : Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert

The Roswell Report: Case Closed


The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert is the first of two reports discussing the supposed crash landing of an alien aircraft in Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. Colonel Richard L. Weaver and First Lieutenant James McAndrew, at the request of Congressional Representative Steven Schiff (R-NM), sifted through old reports in order to explain the events that occurred in July 1947, which became known as the Roswell Incident. Included in the report are references to Air Force experiments conducted at the time of the crash landing that could account for the debris discovered and investigated. This report, originally published in 1995, includes an all-new Introduction from UFO-expert Stanton Friedman. The U.S. AIR FORCE is the aviation branch of the United States military. The headquarters of this branch authorized several research projects on the origin and existence of UFOs and published multiple reports of their findings from the 1950s through the 1980s. It is still the subject of speculation today whether the U.S. Air Force is responsible for a large-scale cover-up of UFO and extraterrestrial evidence.

This video was prepared by the Department of the Air Force, and released to correspond with their Roswell Report, published in 1997. It is archived here for research.


1947 Roswell UFO Incident - Roswell UFO Museum