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The Rule of Four: A Novel


A good example is found in dueling opinions (for themselves alone, i.e., not opinions of the Court), in Justice Frankfurter and Justice discussed their understandings of the conventions surrounding the Rule of Four. In particular, the Justices disagreed as to whether, once certiorari having been properly granted by the vote of four Justices, this then required all Justices to rule on the merits of the Petition (rather than vote to dismiss it). Justice Frankfurter did not agree that Justices were required to reach the merits of a petition, even if properly granted, but Justice Harlan disagreed. Justice Harlan felt that even if he disagreed with a grant of certiorari, the Rule of Four "requires that once certiorari has been granted a case should be disposed of on the premise that it is properly heard, in the absence of considerations appearing which were not manifest or fully apprehended at the time certiorari was granted."

Ian Caldwell is an American novelist who co-authored the 2004 novel The Rule of Four. His second book, The Fifth Gospel, was published in 2015. He was born in Virginia where he met his future writing collaborator, Dustin Thomason. Caldwell was a Phi Beta Kappa at Princeton University where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in history. After college, while working with Thomason on their first novel, Caldwell worked at MicroStrategy in Tyson Corner and taught test preparation for Kaplan. After graduating from their respective colleges, Caldwell began working with Thomason on the novel The Rule of Four. After writing together for a summer, the two continued to collaborate online for the next five years. The plot centers on four Princeton seniors attempting to solve a mystery related to the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, an Italian work from the early Renaissance. The book was published by Dial Press in 2004, spent 49 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. It took Caldwell ten years to complete his second work, The Fifth Gospel, which was published by Simon and Schuster in 2015. This solo work tells the fictional story of two brothers, both priests, exploring the Diatessaron, the "fifth" gospel, and how it might lead to reconciliation between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.


The Rule of Four of IT Governance

The rule of four tells a company that for every piece of content there should be four ways that they can use it to market themselves. This in turn is saving time and money by spending less time in content generation and more time in actual promotion of that content. This works mainly with downloadable content — however, we are going to start a step before the downloadable aspect and bring more than four uses for a single piece of content out (thus showing how easy it is to fulfill the rule of four).