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When I mentioned The Magnificent Seven stuck a little too closely to the themes of Seven Samurai, that is most obvious in the differences in nature between each respective band of warriors and how that fits into the story. In feudal Japan, samurai were professional soldiers of high social status. The ones who defend the village have self-consciously fallen on hard times, but are still locked into their place in Japanese society. A good bit of Kurosawa’s film is about how those social and class roles burden and limit the samurai, the soldiers and Shino. The samurai fight for the village in large part because fighting is all they can do.

The master Kambei (Takashi Shimura) and his would-be colleague (Ko Kimura), beginning their recruiting mission, watch as Seiji Miyaguchi (as Kyuzo), who had never handled a sword before, performs his introductory scene in Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, 1954


The Seven Samurai (1954) trailer

When I say Kikuchiyo I mean Kikuchiyo as he is my favorite of the seven samurai who, for nothing, band together to protect a helpless village of farmers from ruthless bandits. However, I think if any one of these seven brave and powerful warriors is mentioned you have to at least mention the rest and all their heroism. Each samurai is unique in their own way, but there’s a special oddity that is the seventh samurai. He’s a confident and savage warrior and like any other samurai he’s wandered and seen the world. Unlike many samurai he doesn’t wearily look at the world with tired eyes, he looks at the world and laughs because what else can you do?