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The Silent Wife: A Novel


"The Silent Wife" is one of those books that is definitely hit and miss. The characters are flawed and unlikable, the style of the prose is literary and has this slow unfurling, which is unlike the purported "thriller" that it's advertised as. I will definitely say that it's a solid mystery and supsenseful, but I wouldn't consider it a pulse-pounding thriller because it's about as quiet in its methodical unveiling as its title. "The Silent Wife" is symbolic, because in the silence of the woman who is the title's namesake, there's a whole lot of baggage to be had, secrets under the surface, and assumptions that you think would be teetering on the precipice of being unveiled, but not quite there. It's this game of whether or not you think the rug will be pulled out from under you, and it may or may not depending on the circumstance.

What makes this book so brilliant as a thriller is that we see it through the eyes of Jodi and Todd in alternating voices we see how they live and feel to them attempting to move on. We have the voice of killer and victim which brings quite a lot of sympathy for Jodi as the wronged woman. There are plenty of twists and turns and we are with Jodi are killer all the way through, and that is no spoiler as it tells you on the cover! How things actually work out is something well worth reading, very enjoyable and consuming at the same time dark and treacherous which ticks all the thriller boxes. I cannot recommend The Silent Wife highly enough.


The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

It is this narrative that showcases the load of lies the Democrats use to wage their smear campaigns. Let's start with the Khan-job smear of Trump for bringing up the silent wife question. It is the tin drum they have been playing for weeks. However, to play their initial Khan-job, which was to use a father of a son killed in action to smear Trump, it was the sight of the silent Muslim wife that destroyed their game. Ghazala Khan stuck out like a sore thumb because it smacked Clinton feminism right in the face. The Clinton team had to come up with damage control: The tactic of deflection. No way can they look like antifeminists with the optics that Ghazala Khan presented at the convention. What better way than to use it as an attack. Smart Americans know that the Khan-job was used to deflect the truth.