• The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Box Set Warning! Not your child's Sleeping Beauty, that's for sure!!! An erotic tale of sexual awakening.
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Sleeping Beauty trilogy set (Volume 1 2 3)


Is it, though? Fifty Shades of Grey and the Sleeping Beauty trilogy aren't even on the same planet, raunch-wise. There are no Inner Goddesses sighing in the Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Just orifices pouting. It is a legit hardcore BDSM classic and in no way compares to Christian Grey and his sullen spanking fetish.

I'm still amazed by how the BDSM subculture has taken off. I've been reading Anne Rice since I was a fetus, so I was well informed on the subject with the help of the Sleeping Beauty trilogy and, my personal favorite, Exit to Eden. With the release of Fifty Shades, the whole country has become bondage proud. Makes you wonder if we were all just closet kinky, waiting for the right moment to spring free. Now, we stand in the open and shout, "Yes, please tie me to the bed!" (Everyone else is doing it.)


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“An erotic philosophical revelation – My name is Maria A Reyes. I am no expert on erotica, but I have to say, that I love the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice as A.N. Roquelaure. I am now looking forward to reading more of her books as her “different” pen name or already known name. I read the books without reading the preface. I normally do not encourage my students to do this, but I wanted to allow myself the experience of the story without the influence of the author’s expectation. I do not regret it.