• The Staff of Serapis
  • Major spoiler for the Staff of Serapis. All thanks to the Heros of Olympus Series on facebook.
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The Staff of Serapis (Heroes of Olympus, The)

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The Staff of Serapis,The Mark of Athena!

The Blood of Olympus,

Why can’t you release The Staff of Serapis as a single print book, rather than bundling it with Mark of Athena?

Mark of AthenaMark of Athena

Q. Why do I have to buy the e-single of The Staff of Serapis to read the Blood of Olympus preview?

The Staff of Serapis

Q. When is this story available in other countries?

The Staff of Serapis

Rick Riordan, best-selling author and the man behind the Percy Jackson series, joins two budding authors to talk about young adult fiction, and his new short story: "The Staff of Serapis." (BONUS: We get the very first look at the story's cover art!)


Sadie Kane and Annabeth Chase The Staff of Serapis

The release date for the short story is April 8. This is the day The Mark of Athena will be released in its paperback version, and “The Staff of Serapis” will be included in the back of the fourth Heroes of Olympus novel.