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The Swan Princess

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Princess Odette, Prince Derek, and the Royal Family have just adopted a daughter, Alise, when she is kidnapped and held in the forest by an evil force called the Forbidden Arts intent on convincing the world that the Swan Princess brings only despair, and hoping to destroy her. Derek, Odette, and their forest friends must work to combat evil plotting and danger from the Forbidden Arts and his squirrel henchman and save Alise before it's too late.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale just doesn't have the same charm as the original Swan Princess trilogy. It all went downhill when they upgraded to CGI animation. Sometimes modern animation techniques can hurt a movie if it looks like the animators weren't even trying which is what happened here. Aside from the animation the story is not bad. I would describe it as cute but there isn't too much substance or emotion. There were a few moments when the characters seemed to behave a little insensitively which seemed unnatural but it wasn't a big issue.

I also found it rather odd that they would break out in song at the weirdest moments. Sometimes you wouldn't have a song for ages and then all of a sudden you would have 3 in a row. Everything screamed lack of passion and laziness. It's a shame because The Swan Princess has such a legacy and the new instalments have lost what made them special.


"The Swan Princess" - Princess Odette and Prince Derek.

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