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: Excavation findings suggest that the first settlements date to when the Roman road led from to ().
6th century: settle in the area of Traun.
about 790: The name appears on a document for the first time.
about 813 to 824: First mentioning as a place in a document.
1113: First evidence of the former moated castle.
1560: Reconstruction of the castle into a Renaissance building.
1725: Reconstruction of the castle into a Baroque building.
1784: First school in Traun opens.
1785: Fusion with the villages of St. Dionysen and Oedt.
about 1850: First industries: Enderlin, Berl and Graumann brothers (textiles), Dr. Feurstein (paper), Gabler (flat and braid products), Enenkel (vinegar factory).
1851: Inauguration of the first Protestant school.
1876: The district transferred from the community of Kleinmünchen to Traun.
1882: Construction of the Catholic parish church.
1884: The owner of the castle (count ) moves back to the estates in .
1913: Inauguration of the Protestant church.
1915: Inauguration of the new Protestant school.
1965: Lake begins to be used for bathing.
1973: Traun, the 'biggest village of Austria' is elevated to a city. The Bundesschulzentrum Traun (home of the 2 high schools Bundesrealgymnasium and Handelsakademie) opens. The building's modern design served as model for schools in the 70s.
1975: The bathing center (Badezentrum) opens with two indoor swimming pools with a sauna and restaurant. Later extended to include an open-air pool, a lawn for sunbathing and an ice-skating rink.
1979: The sports center and stadium (HAKA-Arena) opens.
1982: Firefighters and red cross-center as well as Telegraph office open.
1985: Opening of the New City Hall and the City Gallery.
1991: Introduction of the City Buses.
1997: The new B139 (bypass road) is finished and the (a cultural center for youths) opens.
1999: Redesign of the main square, new ice-skating rink and renovation of the bathing center.
2002: The high school HTL-Traun (Höhere technische Lehranstalt) opens, starting in a provisional building.
2005: Opening of the Traun District Court.
2012: The new building housing the HTL-Traun high school opens.

We estimate that there are at least 600 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population. The name Traun has five characters. It means that it is relatively medium-length, compared to the other names in our database.


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