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The ultimate makeover: French onion soup | BBC Good Food

FX Design Group is pleased to announce that the School of Journalism & Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University has been selected the winner of the 2010/11 Ultimate Newscast Makeover.

Despite both finalist's strong campaigns and all efforts to ensure an accurate voting mechanism was in place, FX Design Group has confirmed that the Ultimate Newscast Makeover contest encountered voting problems during the voting process. It has been agreed, after conversations with MI News 26, Western Kentucky University (WKU) and Vizu that the actual winner is WKU. MI News 26 concurs with this finding.

As a consolation, MI News 26 may use the FX Design Group design for their new set area as well as receive technical advice regarding their set and a new logo for their brand re-launch.

MI News 26 was very supportive of the agreement. "We know that the University and its students will benefit over the long term from this outcome and should enjoy this addition to their academic broadcast program," MI News 26 stated, "We also look forward to working with the experienced FX Group down the road when it comes time for us to realize our new news set."

WKU representatives commented that the new set will energize the students and will motivate them to continue their tradition of excellence. Installation of the set is set for late February to March and should be "on-air" no later than mid-March.