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The Very Noisy Night

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The Very Noisy Night is a hardback book, the front cover has the title of the book written at the top of it in large letters with the majority of it being taken up with a picture of Little Mouse (one of the main characters) peering out from behind a blanket. The back of the book has a small amount of information about the book on it. Inside all of the pages are paper pages, not ideal for a young child as they may find these hard to turn, however now Jayden is a bit older he does manage this better now, although with his paper page books we tend to read these to him rather than leave him to his own devises. The picture on the front cover is bright and colourful making it eye catching for young children.

The story The Very Noisy Night is about 2 mice Little Mouse and Big Mouse, it follows them through the night in their bedroom, Little Mouse is scared by different sounds he can here, for example the wind, a branch tapping the window and the tap dripping. Every time Little Mouse hears a noise that frightens him Big Mouse gets out of bed to show him what it is and that it is nothing to be scared of and each time Little Mouse wants to get in bed with Big Mouse so that he feels safe. After a while Big Mouse tries to help Little Mouse by putting ear muffs on him to block out all the sounds that are frightening him, however this doesn't really help as he feels lonely and after this Big Mouse lets him come into his bed for a cuddle where they both quickly fall asleep. This story is written in reasonably large writing making it easy for children just learning to read follow the words, the words are written on all pages in black writing making them stand out against the background.


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