Below are some of the many Treaties were made between the US and the Wea.
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As proposed, the leasing area is the same as the Kitty Hawk WEA that BOEM announced on Aug. 11, 2014, beginning approximately 24 nautical miles from shore and extending about 25.7 nautical miles in a general southeast direction. The DOI states that the WEA’s seaward extent ranges from 13.5 nautical miles in the north to 0.6 of a nautical mile in the south and that it contains 21.5 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) blocks.


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Many of the Wea Tribe did not go west in the removals and remained in Indiana. They were referred to in treaties as the Wea on the Wabash, or the Wabash Wea. In historical records, they have been called the Wabash Confederacy or the Wabash Indians.