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The Wedding Planner

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As you can imagine, great reviews are crucial in the wedding planning business and one bad review on Yelp or WeddingWire can spell doom for any wedding planner starting out in a competitive market like New York or Los Angeles. On the flip side, one great review can be seen by many potential clients and result in quickly building your business faster than even you anticipated. Most online reviews platforms will not allow a bride to give a review until her wedding has taken place, so every one of your initial weddings needs to result in a great review on these sites.

In most cases, brides will hire their wedding planner early in the planning process. Therefore, it will be several months or quite possibly a year before your first wedding will take place, even after you’ve gone through the process of booking your first client. This means it may be a year before you have a review and photos of a completed wedding to use to attract more clients, so quick and effective advertising and marketing is key. When it takes a minimum of 6 to 12 months to start correcting your mistakes, being well-prepared is invaluable.


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The wedding planning industry does not feature legal licensing. However, you can take classes or courses to become certified. Be careful how you present your title, as you don’t want to mislead clients. And while you’ll still need to apply for a business license with your city or state, remember there’s no such thing as a wedding planner license.