• And Then There Were None
  • There have been some creepy old covers for versions of And Then There Were None.
  • Who will survive and who is the killer? It’s time to find out in And Then There Were None.
  • (A Book Review of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None)

And Then There Were None


Chief Executive Officer of Agatha Christie Limited, Hilary Strong, added: "And Then There Were None was a highlight of the 2015 BBC One Christmas schedule, and we are truly delighted to be building on the success of that first show.

But “And Then There Were None” is a different Christie, not cozy at all, and unsparing both in her depiction of the characters and in the story they inhabit.


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Neither should you. As you might have suspected, this is the setup for a new BBC dramatization of “And Then There Were None,” the classic Agatha Christie mystery from 1939, airing Sunday and Monday on Lifetime.