• Tafel 1, Theosophia Practica
  • “THE MAN OF DARKNESS (Infernal State)”,from Georg Gichtel’s “Theosophia Practica”, c1690.
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  • Theosophia practica

Theosophia Practica


“Wisdom's Book reveals for the first time in a single volume the texts of this rare tradition, many of which have never before been published. This is the theosophic tradition of Jacob Böhme, and all the main figures of the tradition are represented here, including many never before published. Wisdom's Book is a treasure trove of Western esoteric writings, and will be of great interest to a wide range of readers interested in unveiling and understanding this hitherto hidden tradition of Christian spirituality. Contains: Introduction. I. In Praise of Wisdom: The Book of Wisdom. II. Robert Ayshford: Aurora Sapientae. III. Jacob Böhme: On Virgin Wisdom, Guidance to Holy Sophia. IV. Thomas Bromley: The Way to the Sabbath of Rest, or the Soul’s Progress in the Work of the New Birth (1654). V. John Pordage: A Philosophical Epistle on the True Stone of Wisdom, Sophia: The Graceful Eternal Virgin of Holy Wisdom, or Wonderful Spiritual Discoveries and Revelations That the Precious Wisdom Has Given to a Holy Soul (1675). VI. Gottfried Arnold: The Mystery of Holy Sophia (1700). VII. Johann Georg Gichtel: Theosophia Practica (1722 ed.). VIII. Jane Leade: The Laws of Paradise Given Forth by Wisdom to a Translated Spirit (1695). IX. Anne Bathurst: Journals (1678-1679). X. Friedrich Christoph Œtinger: Wisdom of God (Sophia), The Wisdom Out of God in Man. XI. Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin: Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Ministry (1802). XII. Georg von Welling: Eternal Wisdom (1784). XIII. Johann Jakob Wirz: Testimonies and Revelations of the Spirit Through Jacob Wirz. XIV. Franz von Baader: Letters to Marie Robel, On the Relationship of the Logos to Sophia in God, On a Lasting Spiritual Manifestation Here below (1839). XV. Leopold Ziegler: On the Mothergodhead (1953). XVI. Nicholas Berdyaev: Sophia and the Androgyne (1914).

La Theosophia practica de Gichtel es uno de los tratados más sorprendentes y apasionantes que ha producido el genio occidental por el ardiente y vívido entusiasmo con el que plantea sus doctrinas.


Gichtel Theosophia Practica - Documents

In “Theosophia Practica”, Georg Gichtel provided a general illustration of an Hermetic tradition. Certain ancient texts, concerning spiritual realities beyond normal experience, had proved pivotal to Renaissance humanism. They represented Graeco-Roman reverence for Egyptian wisdom, and contained tracts both popular – on alchemy and astrology – and learned – on divine revelation and redemption.