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  • Theresa Shadrix is managing editor of Longleaf Style magazine and has yet to make a legendary shot.
  • Click this link for an Article about Camp written by Theresa Shadrix printed in the .
  • Click this link for an Article about Camp written by Theresa Shadrix printed in the .

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In closing, we wouldn’t be this far along without the support of our partners and key individuals such as the Jacksonville State University art department headed by Jauneth Skinner who worked with JSU graduate student Jason Wright to develop the Trail logo; the JSU history department and professors Jennifer Gross and Gordon Harvey; the Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library, under the leadership of Teresa Kiser who coordinated and staged the “Courage Under Fire” photographic exhibit of the bus burning, with photos provided by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; Greg Morrow at Southern Custom Exhibits who is helping design the Trail and creating a strategic plan; Theresa Shadrix with Consolidated Publishing for her wonderful research abilities; Joseph Giri for working within our modest budget to provide such compelling murals; state representative Barbara Boyd for seed money in the early days; The Anniston City Council for hosting dinner for the Student Freedom Riders; and David Mashburn at the Classic on Noble for his always generous hospitality.

"Even if you're not a redneck, you will want to go to the Alabama coastline when you read Harvey H. Jacksons III's new book, . . . . If there was ever a person that could tell the personal and historical story of the Redneck Riviera, it's Jackson, Eminent Scholar in History at Jacksonville State University."—Theresa Shadrix,