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  • "She fell. She hurt. She lived." - Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby
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This Lullaby


I picked up This Lullaby desperately needing to immerse myself back into the Young Adult genre. Sarah Dessen, though sticking to a rather predictable formula, nevertheless manages to stun audiences every time, using her words and characters to weave together the best aspects of the Young Adult Contemporary genre. With a Dessen novel, I can always expect a realistic protagonist, one whose flaws are even more obvious than her strengths; a swoon-worthy love interest who never "heals" the heroine, but merely helps her reach the stage where she can "heal" herself; strong female friendships with meaningful conversations; and complex familial ties. In all these aspects, This Lullaby did not disappoint in the least.

The characters in Sarah Dessen’s This Lullaby are fabulous! Remy’s sarcasm. Dexter’s lovable incompetence. And about a thousand hilarious details (from her stepfather’s home décor to the thousand hazards of a Zip Coke). The entire story was a blast! I kept having flashbacks to one of my favorite contemporary novels of all time, Life Without Friends by Ellen Emmerson White. If you enjoy either one, I highly recommend the other.


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This Lullaby is a really cute book. I like this Sarah Dessen book a lot. It is a young adult read, and a great summer read. I recommend you pick this book up right away!