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Baltimore isn’t really in the business of having a bunch of celebrity fans for its sports teams — sometimes, the city’s regulars fans are a more-than-acceptable representation. But if we need another celebrity to carry the banner on a national stage alongside favorite son , actor Thomas Sadoski is more than willing to take on the role.

In his free time, he works closely with the charity group Refugees International. Sadowski was born in New Haven, Conn. and raised in College Station, Texas, however he is a Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan. He resides in Los Angeles and his birthday is July 1. Follow him on Twitter at @thomassadoski.


Thomas Sadoski (@ThomasSadoski) | Twitter

Thomas, how did Neil pitch this play to you?
Thomas Sadoski: He sent it to me, and I think the e-mail went "Hey bro, got a new play, little bit of a departure for me, wanna take a look at it?" Which, if you know Neil at all, is speaking volumes, so I was like "oh my god, I gotta take a look at this." I read it that afternoon, I read it the next day again, and I got back to him. I had fallen in love with the story, the characters, and what he was doing with the play. It is a departure for him, in a really cool, really powerful way. That was his pitch and it took me less than no time to say I wanted to be a part of it.