• ew ew ew ew ew… thumb drop soup… ick
  • The thumb up is the universal sign for “well done,” “nice job,” and “I approve.”
  • : : Briefly discusses the role of the thumbs up (and thumbs down) in gladiator battles.
  • The most effective wrist brace and thumb spica splint all in one gear perfect for CTS

Mavala Stop - Helps Cure Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking, 0.3-Fluid Ounce

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Trigger thumb?:Sounds like (in this case ). Often happens from overuse. Best to see a , who can give you a steroid injection. If it keeps coming back, you should consider surgery (which is a simple procedure and very effective).

Mashed your thumb?:Sounds like a minor injury. Pain should gradually subside. Dark color in nail will slowly be carried to the edge of the nail and shed off.


So I ask you, which type of thumb do you have?

You see, these things don’t matter to me anymore. In fact, I’m pretty sure that what I read as horror on people’s faces as a child, was actually delight. Yes, my thumbs are delightful.