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Hunting Mature Whitetails the Lakosky Way: Quality Deer Management with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky


Lee and Tiffany Lakosky eat, breathe and sleep whitetail deer hunting. When the couple isn’t on the road filming for their show The Crush or making public appearances, they’re at home in Iowa hunting or preparing their farms for hunting. Shed hunting is an important facet of the Lakoskys’ annual plan.

Field produced by Jason Miller and Raven 6 Studios. Golden Moose Award winner for "Best Freshwater Footage." I had an amazing time filming Lee and Tiffany Lakosky over the years!


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No couple exemplifies the hunting lifestyle like Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, hosts of the popular TV show CRUSH. They live and breathe hunting while looking great in the process. Now, you can do the same with this new line of jewelry and accessories.