So people will listen to Tim Rifat and some other fear mongers.
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  • Tim Rifat Interview with Jeff Rense, April 28,2009
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Remote Viewing: What It Is, Who Uses It and How To Do It


I haven’t read this book. It might contain facts as to what can and is being done with mind control and electronic waves but Jim Keith and Tim Rifat seem to blame only the CIA (typical for such books, articles, and websites) but not the German secret master of all secret services, the SEGNPMSS on being behind these secret methods to torture and kill.

Officially, I could not find any connection between Tim Rifat and Scientology. But the tonescale is word for word the German Church of Scientology translation of L. Ron Hubbard’s tonescale, Marty. He is an English man, I doubt that he made that German table. It could be a translation. I am not sure who mixed the tonescale in, Rifat or the German association but both of them should know that they ripped off L. Ron Hubbard’s research without giving him credit.


Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat (Excellent Full Book)

With the 2012 Galactic Alignment change from Circular Force to Pulsar in/out Force, the rules have changed. The physical body now has a Pulsar expansion, contraction component that is taking over from the non Vampire® Circular Force physical body. Tim Rifat the Ipsissimus modern MI6 007 Dr Dee Supreme Magician and scientist has the power to change the energy body of the Real Vampire® so their physical body has a permanent contraction with respect to the expansion of all the physical energy bodies of every non Vampire®.