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Our friend Vina Lustado from Sol Haus Design and a team of committed citizens took it upon themselves to create the change they want to see in the world. Through a series of meetings with local Ojai policy makers, Vina and friends were able to capture the interest of commissioners by introducing tiny houses as […]

You’ve spent what feels like countless weeks framing, sheathing, insulating, roofing, and trimming your tiny house and you have finally reached the most fun stage in any construction project: decorating and installing appliances!! But which tiny house appliances should you choose? Which ones will serve the demands of your tiny house lifestyle the best? A […]


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of you still fascinated by that Tin House in Rice Military designed by Natalye Appel : Photos of the house dating from the . . . uh, Golden Age of Tin Houses in the West End, circa 1992.