• How to please your man in bed
  • girl loves to pleas her man she sucks and deep throats his dick
  • While there are positions to please a man in bed the ultimae way to please a man is fellatio.
  • See How to please a man using the best sex positions and Stroke Skills -

Catch Me Please A Man's Dating Advice for Women:How to Get Men to Notice You, How to Talk to Man, How to Convince Him to Kiss You, How to Make Him Fall in Love, and Many More!


There are women out there who still see dressing to please a man as some sort of Stockholm syndrome thing — participating in your own (flouncy, spaghetti-strapped) subjugation. So it's possible that those advising you "Don't change for a man!" are just trying to help you be a modern and empowered woman.

I think if you want to please a woman sexually, you have to please her emotionally first. Girls are emotional, so if you make an effort to make them emotional over you (like being romantic, getting them something they really like, dressing to impress, things like that.), you can be sure you could please her sexually. Of course, just don’t let her get emotional in a negative way. It’s not cool to hurt a girl in any way, bro. Not cool. Just take it gently and wait for the right time, you would get to please her in anyway you want to.


You want to please your man by stimulating him with oral sex

Use these 10 tips on how to please your man in bed and as long as you play your sexy cards right, you’ll definitely arouse him and please him a lot more than he would ever have expected.