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  • 47. Know your values (e.g. connection, creativity, adventure) and incorporate them into your life.
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Minimalism: Declutter & Organize to Simplify your Life

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The best way to live day to day is with love and appreciation. Do you feel like you're missing something, or do you want to learn how to live your life to its highest potential? If you're not sure where to begin, you can start loving your life by discovering the course it should take, improving what you've already got going for you, and removing things that are preventing you from feeling love toward your life.

Tom and Alison Taylor have helped hundreds of people, businesses and towns tell their stories in books and video. They are authors of the book “How to Save Your Life, One Chapter at a Time.” Their blog is at .


Can all your worries add a single moment to your life

You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie, which is hosted by Louise, offers not only an intimate look into her moving and inspirational life story, but also a special segment devoted to helping you apply Louise’s affirmations and groundbreaking wisdom to heal your own life and the challenges that you face today.