• Title: Toddler 411, 2nd edition
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  • Toddler 411 was first published in August 2006.
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Toddler 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Toddler


You’ve made it! Your baby is has turned one! Now the real fun begins. From temper tantrums to toilet training, raising a toddler brings its own set of challenges and questions — and Toddler 411 has the answers. Following on the heels of the best-seller Baby 411, Toddler 411 bottles the wisdom of parents who’ve “been there, done that” . . . and combines it with the solid medical advice from an award-winning pediatrician.

So what issues does Toddler 411 really cover? We’re glad you asked. Toddler 411 contains over 500+ pages of detailed info about your toddler. Here is an overview. Then click below to download a detailed table of contents:


Baby and Toddler 411 Gift Set, Denise Fields

Broken up into chapters like Discipline, Milestones, Toilet Training, Challenges and Sleep, Toddler 411’s 19 chapters have already given me some peace of mind. I’ve pretty much read it cover to cover, but have also used the index to refer to specific topics as they come up.