• Title : Tokyo Decameron / 東京情欲故事
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  • Tokyo Decameron (1996)   88 minutes (Unrated)
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Tokyo Decameron: Three Tales of Madness and Sensuality


TOKYO DECAMERON borrows the style of the Boccaccio work and is actually three separate stories. First is "Two Women Named Mariko," a complex story of the bond between two apparently dissimilar women. One is domineering and brash, the other is meek and subservient. Despite their differences the two women share a strange secret that keeps them united. The next story is "Lesbian Dream." Four women push the boundaries of cruelty on a young stranger. They soon learn that their actions always have repercussions. The last chapter, "The Man in the Pillary", is by far the darkest of the three. A man's liaison with a stripper quickly takes a turn for the worst, as his past comes back to haunt him. However, things are not as they appear and his attacker gets more than he/she bargained for.

Boccaccio's legendary work "The Decameron" has been adapted for the screen several times over the years. No doubt the most successful working of text was Pasolini's 1971 IL DECAMERON. The success of that film spawned countless imitators, often similar in name only. The large majority of these were far more erotic than Boccaccio or Pasolini's work, and "Decameron" became synonymous with sexual excess. TOKYO DECAMERON has little to do with the classic Italian story. It takes this idea of sexual excess and transposes it over three stories set in 1990's Tokyo.


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