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  • 1. Jim Tolpin is an incredibly skilled woodworker. And luckily he has published a few books!
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The New Traditional Woodworker: From Tool Set to Skill Set to Mind Set (Popular Woodworking)


Journal Article(s)
Tolpin, M., Lazarus, B. (2006). Engaging Junior Faculty in Career Planning: Alternatives to the Exit Interview. Current Issues in Higher Education, 2 (1979).

Book Chapters
Tolpin, M. (1984). "Wheaton's Assessment Process: A Case Study and Its Lessons," pp.173-189. In Spanier, Bonnie, Bloom, Alex, Boroviak, Darlene (Eds.), (pp. 173-189). Cambridge,MA: . Shenckman

The workbook is hand illustrated and hand lettered by . It is a companion to the hardbound book "" by Walker and Tolpin. The two books are meant to complement one another. "By Hand & Eye" focuses more on the history behind the geometrical systems and offers projects using the simple ratios explored in the book. The workbook "By Hound & Eye" is concerned mostly with the practical exercises needed to open your inner eye and offers exercises not found in the hardbound book.


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I agree with George on reading this book from cover to cover, it was a great read. John, I can see your point about having a shooting board, but I think it is good for people to learn to dimension a board without the use of the board and then add the shooter later as a convenience. Of course Tolpin says nothing about this in his book so it may have just been available space.