Frank had seen Nemo work on a track with toots in the saddle.
  • Darting about near by, toots could see the whole brood of young pickerels.
  • toots, tell me, as you did yesterday, what the elephants are saying.
  • But it left a little figure visible upon a lonely shore, and toots was always staring at it.

Toot (Leslie Patricelli board books)


In , Toot and the Guard drive up to the portal in an old black Cadillac, Toot sitting atop a pixie-pyramid. Toot is now over eighteen inches tall. He fell of the seat when he heard Harry's mission given by , was to kill . Harry had him leave the car to talk to Bob, he returns flashing a warning just before a bomb explodes. Battle ensues between dozens of orange-lit pixies led by "", who keep hitting Harry with nails, and the defending him. created an illusion of cats that sent the enemy fae scattering.

Toot legitimately cannot understand why men are not attracted to her, and has developed a distinct bitterness because of it. In the , she had a crush on Xandir, but her affections were unrequited. When it was revealed , she comforted herself by saying that was the only reason why he didn't want to go out with her, until Wooldoor told her that "nobody likes fat chicks". Once she realized she had no hope of being considered the show's sex symbol, and that she enjoyed seeing Xandir panic after lying to him and his girlfriend, she decided to become the "bitch," intentionally trying to cause friction amongst the housemates by doing such things as , , and . She is usually the first to take action whenever a conflict of some sort presents itself. She is the first one to pull a gun in the scene in "", and suggests that the housemates destroy the house. She also reluctantly goes along with parody that results from Foxxy staging a sit-in, and recruits the losing housemates in an attempt to destroy the house.


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A spoof of , Toot is a feisty black-and-white former sex symbol who had her glory days in the 1920's. The confessional captions give her age as 22 years old. The show sometimes implies she is actually considerably older, easily over 100, by depicting her with cellulite-ridden buttocks and hips, liver spots, distended labia, and breasts that sag to her knees. However, whether Toot is actually supposed to be as old as her 1920's origins would imply is somewhat doubtful (see , below). One of the central premises for Toot's character is that she comes from a world where her looks and body type were considered the female ideal, but in the world of today, she is regarded as overweight and outdated, a contrast that provides much of her character's conflict. Relatively little is known about her past. It is revealed that she went to fat camp when she was younger, but as her flashback devolves into a parody of , the details are somewhat unreliable. She apparently has a strained relationship with her parents (or just her mother); after Ling-Ling wins his first cockfight in "", she declares, "Suck my balls, Mom! I'm somebody now!" as she holds up the prize check, and in "", when Xandir asks if she wants her parents' approval, she says yes, but is told that she will never have it.