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  • Mp3 Trettioariga Kriget - Glorious War

Seaside Air


Overall I Give this a 3.5 due to some weaker tracks, but I round it up to a four because withsome of the great material on this album I couldn't bare to give it any lower, and I plan onadding more Trettioariga Kriget to my collection. I recommend to this to any fan of Anglagard,The Flower Kings, or any fan of guitar oriented prog in general. |

This debut from TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET shows a rather wild and agressive band that play hard and roughon their instruments respectively. The singer also has a very powerful voice but especially the bass is veryraw (Wetton-like) and uses distortion from time to time. Other reviewers have rightly m... ()


Trettioariga Kriget Elden Av Var CD