• Twins after Auschwitz is liberated.
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  • He believes many of the twins survived Auschwitz, although he thinks Roma twins were almost certainly killed.
  • He believes many of the twins survived Auschwitz, although he thinks Roma twins were almost certainly killed.

Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz


As I said in the first paragraph the book revolves around an escape German from the second world war in this case it is a more famous German than in Rodrigo Hasbun book the escaped german in this story is Josef Mengele himself the man known as the angel of death during his time as a doctor at the Auschwitz death camp . This is 1960 and Jose has settled in Bariloche a place that a number of Nazis have lived since the war in relative quiet from the rest of the world . Jose wants to carry on his work , that of trying to find the perfect human being. This leads him to a family that have all the qualities he is looking for except their daughter Lilith who has a growth defect . Add to that her mother is now expecting twins and the doctor had previously worked with twins in Auschwitz where he sewed two together like siamese twins to see what happen, but in this case he is fighting to keep them alive as the net is closing around him. We see most of the action through the eyes of the young girl who has a doll called Wakolda that Jose gave here.

The two were victims of the notorious Dr Mengele who experimented on twins in Auschwitz. Bodner says he has no memory of the camp save an overwhelming instinct of fear in conjunction with the place. After learning via the Holocaust research group that his brother was listed in Nazi documentation as alive at the time of the camp’s liberation Bodner has set out to do everything in his power to locate the twin brother he hasn’t seen for so long.


Josef Mengele and the Twins of Auschwitz Documentary

Inan effort to find ways to more effectively multiply the German race, Dr. JosefMengele performed experiments on twins at Auschwitz in hopes of plumbing thesecrets of multiple births. After taking all the body measurements and otherliving data he could from selected twins, Mengele and his collaboratorsdispatched them with a single injection of chloroform to the heart. Of about1,000 pairs of twins experimented upon, only about 200 pairs survived.