• Ty Cobb baseball card
  • Did Ty Cobb get away with murder? I don’t know.
  • Was Ty Cobb capable of murder? Most certainly. He just never did it or got caught doing it.
  • Ty Cobb gave no quarter in baseball or in everyday life.

Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty


Here we have Ty Cobb giving Hank Aaron and other members of the Milwaukee Braves some hitting advice during the 1957 World Series. Wasn’t Cobb supposed to be a racist? This photo is a trip in so many ways.

Ty Cobb. The name conjures up thoughts of a man who played the game harder than most and of a man who hated more than most. As one of the most controversial players in Baseball history there is much to like and dislike about Ty Cobb. I have always felt conflicted in regards to his legacy as I love his intensity, his dedication and obvious love he had for the game but I could do without his bigotry and violent tendencies.


Ty Cobb | Detroit Tigers | Center Field | 1936

Ty Cobb Spent 22 of his 24 years in Baseball playing for the Detroit Tigers. Cobb failed to win a World Series despite appearing in several. Notwistanding his misfortunes in the World Series, Cobb set 90 records over the course of his 24 year career, and still holds some of them, such as a .366 career batting average and 54 career home steals. In 1927, his first year with the Philadelphia Athletics, Cobb earned a salary of $85,000 when the average players’ salary was just $6,750. Cobb was also one of the first five Baseball Hall of Fame inductees in 1936, with 98.2% of the vote.