• Unit 10 Types of Government
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  • TYPES OF GOVERNMENT Lesson 3, Part 2
  • The different types of government.

Different Types Of Government Systems

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This is a matching activity where students compare the two different basic types of local government. They compare county government and municipal ...

This tests students fundamental knowledge on key core concepts in social studies including geography, latitude/longitude, types of government, and ...


Some of the more common types of governments are: 1

Types of Government Dictators are free to do as they please, while other citizens have few rights and very little influence over the government Decisions can be made quickly under the rule of a dictator Ancient Romans used to appoint dictators when they were at war and needed strong leadership When the war was over, the dictator was supposed to give up his power Modern-day dictators tend to hold on to power until they are overthrown Sometimes dictators hold elections to obtain legitimacy for their government While an election victory might justify the rule of the dictator, it is often times not the will of the people, as there are no opposition parties and people are afraid to criticize the ruler