• He is a delightful mix of Uda Hagen meets Meiser.
  • David Mamet and Uda Hagen
  • It is here that Alexander mastered multiple acting techniques including such as Meisner, Uda Hagen, Stanislavski, and Grotowski.
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Respect for Acting


“When I started dancing with her at 11, she was the one that was like, you need to read Uda Hagen , ‘Resppect for Acting.’ You need to learn how to do it all. You need to be prepared. ”

No spoilers but if you’ve seen the movie you know that Dobermans play a unique role but not in the sense of their tarnished WWII image as Nazi guard canines. Peck chomps at the scenery in a truly bad guy performance. Olivier has a scene with Uda Hagen, a unique actress rarely seen in movies whose credits also include penning the technique book “Respect For Acting,” still used in drama schools to this day. It’s chilling to see these two great thesps going at one another, Oliver as the interrogator, Hagen as the prisoner.


"The Six Steps," Uta Hagen - Brighton Central School District