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  • Ugyen Dorji was granted the personal title of  on January 1, 1907. He was also promoted to  on December 11, 1911.
  • Dasho Ugyen Tshechup Dorji is also the President of Bhutan Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding Federation.

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Trongsa Penlop , firmly in power and advised by Kazi Ugyen Dorji, accompanied the as an invaluable intermediary, earning his first British knighthood. Penlop Ugyen Wangchuck further garnered knighthood in the in 1904. Meanwhile, the last officially recognized Shabdrung and Druk Desi had died in 1903 and 1904, respectively. As a result, a power vacuum formed within the already dysfunctional . Civil adminstration had fallen to the hands of Penlop Ugyen Wangchuck, and in November 1907 he was unanimously elected hereditary monarch by an assembly of the leading members of the clergy, officials, and aristocratic families. His ascendency to the throne ended the traditional in place for nearly 300 years. The title – or Penlop of Chötse, another name for Trongsa – continued to be held by crown princes.

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Bhutan “makes me feel like I live in a sanctuary" says Ugyen Dorji, an experienced mountaineering, cycling and white-water guide who introduces adventurers to a lesser-known side of the country. Specialising in multi-day treks, a trip includes trekking the Chomolahari route, rafting the Paro River and hiking to the Taktsang Monastery at 2,700ft (822m). Additionally, travellers will also get a chance to interact with the locals at the villages.


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Mr. Thimphu (Tshering Dorji) receiving the title ” Mr. Thimphu” with Gold Medal and Mr. Thimphu Certificate from His Excellency the Chief Guest Dasho Ugyen Tshechup Dorji.