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Ultimate Krav Maga Self-Defense Instructional Set (Beginner to Intermediate)


Some of the Krav Maga organizations in Israel, such as the Krav Maga Aiki Ami Niv Federation, IKMA (Israeli Krav Maga Association, by Haim Gidon), KMF (Krav Maga Federation, by Haim Zut) and Bukan (by Yaron Lichtenstein), KAMI (Israeli Krav Magen Association) (by Eli Avikzar), as well as Ultimate Survivor krav Maga International USKMI and international KMW, Alpha Krav Maga, by Sam Sade, (Krav Maga Worldwide, by Darren Levine), use Imi Lichtenfeld's original colored belt grading system which is based upon the . It starts with White belt, and then Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black belts. Black belt students can move up the ranks from 1st to 9th Dan. The time and requirements for advancing have some differences between organizations.

AWARD WINNING - The Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series Part 1 is the ONLY Krav Maga production to win multiple internationally recognized awards. The Ultimate Krav Maga Advanced Series DVDs stand alone as the best quality, the best instructional and the most entertaining self defense instructional DVDs EVER PRODUCED!


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"The style of this production will reflect the stress and fatigue that a Krav Maga practitioner would undergo during heavy training" mentions, Travis Dooley (Director) and Duncan Pattle (Host/Lead Instructor) during the interview on the set of the Ultimate Krav Maga Expansion DVD - Advanced Striking, Fighting Tactics and Drills. We darkened the set, forming long shadows and tons of black spacing; the set represents more of a street setting rather than an actual production set.